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Our Clean Commitment

Here’s What We’re Doing to Keep You Safe

Learn about some of the extra safety precautions we’ve instituted in the video below, and get a behind-the-scenes look at what we’re doing to keep our passengers and employees safe. 

The safety of our employees, passengers, and communities are our first priority. We are committed to ensuring that we operate responsibly, and with this in mind.  Here are some of the extra precautions that have been instituted in response to the coronavirus, as we resume service.


Sanitizing/Ticketing Procedures

  • Every terminal undergoes frequent disinfection of high touch surfaces—like door handles, ticket counters, point-of-sale stations, seating, and bathrooms. Every day, every terminal is completely sanitized using an industrial sprayer and hospital-grade disinfectant.
  • We’ve implemented new ticketing protocols that will help protect our passengers and our employees. Plexiglass dividers have been installed for your protection, and hand sanitizer is readily available at the counters.  Throughout our system, we have installed “customer-side credit card readers” to minimize touchpoints.
  • Seating has been re-configured and, in some cases, removed, to promote physical distancing in our terminals.
  • Complimentary amenities like newspapers, coffee, snacks and bottled water have been paused while we do our part to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
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Sanitizing/Onboard Procedures

  • As you make your way to the coach to begin the boarding process, our drivers may take your ticket from behind a plexiglass kiosk. Simply pass your ticket to the driver through the kiosk, or where available, present your mobile device for scanning through the plexiglass.  If you are able, our driver may need assistance in preparing your checked luggage for stowing.
  • Once on board, you’ll see that some seats will be restricted as we operate with reduced capacities.
  • Plexiglass dividers have been installed on every seatback for added safety and peace of mind.  While we know that many folks like to sit up front, we have limited access to the first row of seats to ensure a safe and distraction-free environment for our drivers.
  • The HVAC systems in our buses have always undergone frequent and complete fresh air exchanges, but new, upgraded, filters have been installed on every coach.
  • In addition to our usual cleaning regimens, every bus will undergo enhanced disinfecting throughout each day.  High touch surfaces will be wiped down before and after every trip, and every bus will be sprayed with an electrostatic fogger that can reach every inch of the interior.
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Passenger and Employee Safety

Doing Our Part

  • Every member of our staff has been trained on how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to ensure a safe trip.
  • For now, we are requiring a face-covering be worn throughout your journey with us, if you don’t have a mask, we will be happy to provide you with one.
  • Please do your part and only travel when you’re healthy and have not been recently exposed to someone who isn’t, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer regularly, and wear a face-covering throughout your journey.
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We work hard to promote a healthy, safe, and comfortable environment for our employees and passengers. We understand that this is a challenging time and that you may not be ready to travel yet. When you are ready to travel again, know that we’ve done everything we can to be ready for you.