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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

You must present an ID along with your electronic ticket in order to board the bus. The purchase of a Boston or Logan Airport electronic ticket does not guarantee a reserved seat. Boarding is done on a first come first serve basis. Purchase of a New York City ticket is a reservation.

General Information

Issuing carrier will be responsible only for transportation on its own lines, in accordance with tariff regulations and limitations and assumes no responsibility for any acts or omissions of others occurring within or outside of the United States, except as imposed by law with respect to baggage. Seating aboard vehicles operated in Interstate or foreign commerce is without regard to race, color, creed, or national origin. Special fares are limited for use as endorsed on ticket.

Unaccompanied Child Policy

Boston and Logan Airport Service: Children 8-11 years old may travel alone only under the following conditions: the origin agency must be open at the departure time and the destination agency must be open at arrival time. There will be no pick-ups or drop-offs at flag stops. Trips must not exceed 5 hours and must be made during daylight hours. Transfers are not permitted. Parent or legal guardian must sign an “Unaccompanied Child Form,” which releases Concord Coach Lines from any responsibility. An adult must drop-off and be waiting to meet the child upon arrival. The adult at the destination must provide a photo ID showing that they are the person identified on the “Unaccompanied Child Form” before the child is released. The child must pay the adult fare.

New York City Service: Unfortunately due on the length of the trip and the curbside drop off in NYC children 15 and under cannot travel unaccompanied.

Interstate Baggage Liability

Liability for loss or damaged to checked baggage is limited to actual value not to exceed $250 for all baggage checked on one adult ticket or $125 on one half fare ticket unless greater value is declared at time of checking at which time charges for excess value will be collected and receipt issued. No liability is granted for personal carry-on items. All bags are subject to random search.

Excess Baggage

Effective June 2004, Concord Coach Lines drivers and terminal personnel are not required to handle luggage weighing in excess of 50 lbs. Each piece weighing more than 50 lbs. will be tagged “HEAVY” alerting drivers and baggage handlers NOT to handle the luggage. Passengers traveling with baggage over 50 lbs. must handle their own luggage. Notices regarding this new policy are posted at each major bus terminal. Scales are available at each bus terminal so you will know before boarding the bus if your baggage is too heavy. If you believe that your luggage is too heavy or if you are unable to carry your heavy luggage, it is suggested that you carry multiple pieces not exceeding the number of baggage allowed per ticket. The baggage allowance is as follows: two (2) bags and one (1) carry-on for a full fare ticket, and one (1) bag and one (1) carry-on for a half-fare ticket. For any excess baggage there will be a charge of $5 per bag. Additional luggage will be loaded as space allows and is subject to freight charges. If you arrive at the terminal and your bag is too heavy and you are unable to carry your own luggage, it is up to the driver and baggage handlers as to whether they will be able to load and unload your luggage in a safe, injury-free manner.

Service Animals

Federal law prohibits us from carrying any and all animals (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) except a service animal. At Concord Coach Lines, customers with disabilities accompanied by a service animal are welcome. The service animal is the responsibility of its owner and must be under the control of its owner at all times (i.e., leash, harness or carrier). The service animal must ride in the bus within the customer’s space. Service animals may not travel in the aisle or occupy a seat. Concord Coach Lines reserves the right to refuse passage to any animal that poses a direct threat to the health and safety of other customers or Concord Coach Lines personnel.

Children’s Fares

Boston and Logan Airport: Children ages 4 and under must be accompanied by an adult paying passenger. One child 4 and under rides free per adult. Additional children 4 and under are required to pay half of the applicable adult fare. The child carried free of charge may be required to be carried in the accompanying adult’s lap or purchase a half price child ticket to occupy a seat. Children ages 5-11 pay half of the adult fare, unless they are ages 8-11 and traveling alone. There is no child discount on a same-day return ticket. Children ages 8-11 who travel alone in accordance with the Unaccompanied Children Policy pay the adult fare.

New York City: Children 0-15 will pay 50% of the adult fare.