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Temporary Check-In Procedure


We have a new ticketing system, and we could use your help.

If you’re able, please arrive at the terminal* 20 minutes before your departure time. When you arrive, go to the ticket counter to have your ticket transferred to our new ticketing system. Doing so will allow us to migrate your existing ticket into our new system and ensure a smooth boarding process. It will also help us to improve our data collection and eliminate some headaches for our drivers.

If you are unable to transition your old ticket because of time or location, don’t sweat it! We have procedures in place to make sure that your unused outstanding tickets can still be used.

This new system will enable more seamless mobile booking, paperless boarding, and improved service quality. We appreciate your help in ensuring a smooth transition to this promising new platform.

Thank you.

*Please note that we will only have the ability to rebook you at Company operated terminals (Bangor, Augusta, Portland, Concord, Boston), so you may disregard if you’re originating elsewhere.

Questions? Information Center 1-800-639-3317