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Can I get a refund if I did not use my ticket?

Boston and Logan Airport Service: In most cases, all tickets are refundable. Greyhound “Advance Purchase” tickets are non-refundable. If you purchased a Concord Coach Lines round-trip ticket and only used one-way, the refund is less the one-way fare. Tickets purchased at one of our bus terminals can be refunded, unless the ticket specifically states “No Refund.”

Interline tickets (tickets beyond Concord Coach Lines) must be sent to Greyhound Bus Lines for a refund. If you believe that you hold a Greyhound ticket, please contact Greyhound at 1-800-231-2222 for refund information. For Concord Coach Lines tickets to Boston and Logan Airport that do not continue past our service area, include your name, address, phone number and a reason for refund and mail to: 7 Langdon Street, Concord, NH 03301.
If you have purchased a Boston or Logan Airport ticket online and need a refund, please send an e-mail to refunds@concordcoachlines.com with your name and order number. There is a $3.00 administration charge for all online ticket refunds.
The refund process takes approximately 5-10 business days. If you are unsure what type of ticket you have, our Information Center can assist you 1-800-639-3317.

New York City Service: All New York tickets are reservation based. Refund or rebooking requests must be received at least 24 hours before departure time by calling Concord Coach Plus at 1-800-639-9090. All requests are subject to a $10 fee.