Why can't I find schedules to New York City or other points?

Concord Coach Lines provides service between points in Maine and New Hampshire to Boston. Our website contains information for our services only. If you are making connections to New York City or other points, you must visit those websites to see those schedules. The Travel Links section of this website displays the most commonly used carriers out of our service area.

Your schedule online doesn't match the schedule I have.

Chances are you have an out-of-date timetable. Our most recent Maine timetable is dated May 31, 2015 and our most recent New Hampshire schedule is dated May 17, 2015. If you are unsure what timetable you have, call us at 1-800-639-3317 to make sure that the time you wish to travel still exists.

Why don't I see service for Christmas Day?

We offer service on Christmas Day; however, this is a highly modified schedule so if you plan to travel on this day, be aware that service is limited and not all terminals and agencies have regular business hours. The schedule will be posted as soon as it becomes available, usually around mid-November.

Do you have scheduled service to Bar Harbor, Maine?

Concord Coach Lines does not provide service to Bar Harbor, ME. We have service as far as Bangor, ME. Bar Harbor is approximately one and a half hours from that point by your own transportation means; however, there are a few ways you can get to Bar Harbor with local public transportation:

Bar Harbor Shuttle provides daily service between Bangor, ME and Bar Harbor, ME, by reservation only. Contact them at 207-479-5911 for more details.

If you are travelling on a Monday or Friday take the Downeast Bus from the Concord Coach terminal, which will take you directly to Bar Harbor, ME.  Downeast will leave at 2:35.  Downeast only has one trip to Bar Harbor on only Monday and Friday.  According to their website the cost of a one way trip will be $9.00.  Schedule and fare is subject to change. 

Or if you are travelling Tuesday-Thursday to Bar Harbor, take West Bus Service to Ellsworth, ME and catch a taxi at Mike's Country Store.

Do you have scheduled service to the Manchester Airport?

Concord Coach Lines does not provide service to the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT) in Manchester, NH. Greyhound, Boston Express Bus, and Manchester Transit Authority provide service to the Manchester Airport. If you are traveling in New Hampshire, Boston Express Bus provides service to North Londonderry NH, which is approximately 10-15 minutes away by taxi to the airport. Manchester Transit Authority provides weekday transportation to Concord NH.